Zodiac Intelligence Slide Matching Maze Board Game

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Wooden intellectual Chinese zodiac Find Heads Slide Matching Maze Puzzle Board Game

The Jungle Animal Maze is made of wood. It has animal heads which slide along cut out paths and children are asked to move each head through the maze until it reaches the right body.

Of course, it’s even more fun to create your own animals by putting the wrong head on each body!

Animals’s head glide along the slotted tracks and around the colorful, detailed wooden play board to find their proper places. It offers many opportunities for fun, learning and creative thinking!

A best gift for your kids.


Slide the animal’s head and match it to it’s body

Develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

12 different animals

Material: Wooden

Size: W29cm x H22cm x D2cm

Suitable for kids 3 years old and above.

Material: brand new and high quality wood.



1. 这是一款全优质木料的儿童益智玩具。

2. 本产品是适合低龄幼儿的玩具,板块大,易于宝宝手抓,看小朋友谁完成得又对又快哦 !

3. 通过游戏,训练幼儿对事物的分析和记忆能力,提高手眼的协调能力和专注力。

4. 还学会识别和记住几种动物的名称和形态,增强对自然界认识的兴趣.


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